Health Republic Facilities

There a plenty of facilities to enjoy at Health Republic and Beach Republic as a whole.

Health Republic - Colon cleanising

Colon Cleansing (Colema System)

A Colema is similar to but more thorough than a standard enema. Health Republic has specially designed Colema rooms with cleanliness and hygiene to a high standard. Colemas are a key part of the detox programmes.

Wash away the cares of the world in our herbal steam room and then sit outside with the beautiful view of the lawn leading down the sea and sip some herbal tea.

Herbal Steam room Health republic

Get 10% on our programmes

Get 10% on our programmes

Health Republic food + drink_-53

Health Republic Café

Health Republic has a Café offering mainly plant based dishes, vegetable and chicken broths, cold pressed juices, smoothies, raw desserts and coffee.  You can also enjoy this menu at the Beach Republic Ocean Club.

Yoga & Meditation

At Health Republic we are blessed to have some great meditation and yoga teachers. At present most of our classes are in the mornings but we are looking to increase the number of classes we have in the future.

Yoga class detox programme health republic

Get 10% on our programmes

Get 10% on our programmes

wellness days programme

Asian Fusion Spa

A boutique spa set on the serene shores of Lamai Beach. Treat yourself to this tranquil oasis where mind, body and spirit are restored, refreshed and revitalised. Our treatments fuse traditional Asian and Western styles with an inventive, new age approach to spa therapy.

From the conception to creation of the Asian Fusion Spa, we have sought to offer you a complete and fulfilling escape from the chores and responsibilities of daily life. Restore, reinvigorate or just plain pamper. It’s up to you!

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Health Republic - detox 5days programme

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